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Eliana Disla breaks National Ultra-Distance Record
Long-Distance Swimming

Eliana Disla breaks National Ultra-Distance Record 

After swimming through 10 hours and 17 minutes, the Arroyo Hondo Marlins celebrate her triumph.

The Dominican long-distance athlete, Eliana Disla Pascual, from the Arroyo Hondo Marlins, reached a new national ultra-distance record. She performed 40 kilometers in 10 hours and 17 minutes in the event “Strokes for Values.” This event was held in the 25-meter pool of the Body Shop Club on October 11, 2014.

In this event, young people, children and adults, professionals and amateurs, teams from different federations and free swimmers participated  by consecutively swimming through 24 hours to break the record for the most swimming meters, being this session re implemented last year.

Team Extrema is very proud of this Dominican talent. Congratulations Eliana Disla on your triumph!

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