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Every Athlete Must Pay Attention to These Signs

Every Athlete Must Pay Attention to These Signs 

If you recognize any of these signs in your body, pay attention and seek medical help.

All sports are positive for our health, but this does not guarantee that we will be well always, and if we feel discomfort while training we must stop and listen to our body, and if necessary visit a doctor. Among the signs that we should not ignore, to detect heart problems are:

Chest pain or stiffness – Most people who have had heart attacks feel these symptoms, they can be mistaken for mild muscle aches.

Abnormal heartbeat – If after being in motion you go to rest and your heartbeat is 200 or more per minute something is wrong, listen to your body.

Loss of breath – If we are used to physical activity, in this case cycling, we know the pattern of this depending on the distance and the sections. If you notice that there is a difference, even in a short and easy section, it may be a sign of heart problems .

Fatigue without explanation – If you are about to lose consciousness, you are being very aggressive with your body.

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