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Gabriel Deck: Best Latin American Player on the 19th Day of the Endesa League

Gabriel Deck: Best Latin American Player on the 19th Day of the Endesa League 

Here’s some great news about this exceptional basketball player and his new achievements!

The Argentinean Gabriel Deck has received for the fourth time this season the recognition of Best Latin American Player of the day, after shining in the victory of Real Madrid in the field of BAXI Manresa, in the nineteenth date of the Endesa League.

The Madrid forward finished the match with 28 valuation credits. He signed a double-double, with 17 points and 11 rebounds, in the 27 minutes he was on the court and has been designated as the Best Latin American Player of the day by the ACB and the EFE Agency.

For the second consecutive year, both entities recognize weekly the best of the 22 Latin American players -from six different countries- who participate in the maximum category of Spanish basketball.

Gabriel Beck also contributed to the BAXI Manresa with attendance and two recoveries. He closed his statistics with three received fouls, in what is already the best game of his career in the Spanish competition.

For all these reasons, Gabriel Deck was the favorite for the jury, who gave him 13 points.

In addition, the UCAM Murcia forward Sadiel Rojas (9), the BAXI Manresa forward Juan Pablo Vaulet (7) and the Real Madrid point guard Facundo Campazzo (1) also received votes.

In the general classification, Marcelinho Huertas, the Tenerife Iberostar point guard, continues to lead with 117 points. Behind him, Gabriel Deck is in second place, with 76 points, while Casademont Zaragoza’s Nico Brussino is in third place, with 62 points.

Source: EstadioDeportivo

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