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Snow-Proof Technology for a Whole New Sports and Workout Experience
Winter Sports

Snow-Proof Technology for a Whole New Sports and Workout Experience 

Innovation, technique, and passion. Hi-tech and winter sports “go downhill” neck to neck. Technological research in winter sports, in fact, ranges from the study of increasingly innovative products and solutions to the analysis of lightweight, durable, and flexible materials.

Not to mention the in-depth analysis of slopes and optimal angles to ensure that sportsmen and women – both professionals and amateurs – have control and stability during training and performance on the snow.

Snow technology and safety in winter sports. An inseparable combination, all the more when it comes to doing sports in the cold, where the snow – so fascinating and long-awaited by those who love to work out in low temperatures – can prove insidious, up to the point of compromising a day of snowy fun.

Winter sports: training in the cold

Ice-cold winter training? Something quite common for sports athletes, but even for the simple enthusiast winter months can be a good moment to spend some time training body and mind to feel good. Even at low temperatures.

Enjoying hi-tech winter sports – a statement becoming more and more correct because if there is evidence that technology simplifies the lives of sportsmen and women, it is also the existence of innovative products and solutions in the sector. 

Wearable, technology to wear on the snow

Wearables, innovative sensors, algorithms for Big Data analysis, for athletes and professionals alike. The final goal is twofold: to improve sports performance and find the weak points of the opponents.

Action cameras

Not even hi-tech winter sports enthusiasts would give up wearing traditional equipment pieces such as helmets, masks, glasses, gloves, boots – or refrain from using skis, snowboards, sleds, ice skates – that integrate or accompany technological devices and gadgets, thanks to which they can live fascinating immersive experiences in complete safety.

To capture the descents on the snow there are innovative digital helmet cameras that, in addition to providing the mounting system for the camera, can have an active ventilation system, able to extract moisture and leak fresh airflows, to achieve thermodynamic balance.

There are also social ski helmets – with ultra-lightweight and defined design – that allow you to receive and make calls thanks to the built-in microphone, and augmented reality ski masks that integrate Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth features to monitor your performance on the snow.

High tech winter wearables

Not only action cams for your winter wear and gear. The hi-tech ski goggles integrate a viewer with a real-time display that offers an analysis of the speed reached and altitude. Ultra-modern glasses with integrated GPS that can map and record routes on the slopes, integrated with cameras with wireless connectivity.

When it comes to high-tech winter sports, a practical accessory are the snow gloves with built-in touch-screen technology, that connects via Bluetooth to your main device and allow you to use the smartphone through the simple movement of your fingers.

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