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Latin America on Horseback: 4 Countries that Practice this Sport
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Latin America on Horseback: 4 Countries that Practice this Sport 

Find out which are the most recognized countries for practicing equestrian sports on this side of the world.

The World Equestrian Games is one of the most important tournaments for riders and horses. This competition is held every year in a different venue. This year it was in the American city of Tyron, North Carolina. In 2018, two Latinos excelled in this international event. They are the Colombians Carlos Enrique López Lizarazo and Juan Martín Clavijo.

According to Marca Claro newspaper, López was the only Latin American representative who made it to the final round of the competition, reaching the fifth place. He managed to pass the first two stages of this tournament without any fault, but his score of 12.81 was not enough to climb the podium positions.

The other Colombian who shone in this competition was Clavijo, in the Vaulting modality. That is to say, acrobatics on horseback. According to the same media, he was the only Latin American representative in this modality. The coffee grower achieved an amazing fifth place by reaching a score of 8.3/10.

In Latin America, there are also riders from Guatemala and Mexico who have excelled in this sport. There is even a country in the region that has a national equestrian tournament.

Latin America in the Equestrian Sport  

In the Central American and Caribbean Games of Barranquilla 2018, several athletes performed splendidly. PubliNews highlighted the performance of the Guatemalan Alvaro Enrique Tejada when he “hung” the bronze medal in the overall modality of jumping. This rider also had an outstanding performance in the team modality and the individual 50 meters test, in which he reached the third place.

Finally, one of the countries that have a national equestrian tournament is Argentina. According to the media Deporve, the South American country has a national tournament where the most outstanding riders of its territory face each other in the 0.70 and 1.45 meters tests. This year’s competition was held on September 21, 22, and 23.

Written by: Miguel Diaz/ LatinAmerican Post

Edited by: Diana Rojas Leal

Images: Dana Hussain/ Pexels

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