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MEET: Ginette Díaz – Ultimate Frisbee Athlete

MEET: Ginette Díaz – Ultimate Frisbee Athlete 

“To practice this sport… it requires attitude, discipline, determination, perseverance and a warrior’s heart.”

Name: Ginette J. Díaz Soto

Place of Birth: Santo Domingo

Birth Date: December 25th

When did you start practicing Ultimate Frisbee? In 2009

What motivated you to practice this sport? It motivated me to challenge myself as an athlete.

Which was your first tournament? My first tournament was the 2009 National Championship in Dominican Republic. As part of the Bukapie Ultimate Club team, we won in the open category and became national champions.

Woman playing Ultimate Frisbee

In how many tournaments have you participated, locally and internationally? Locally in Dominican Republic, from 2010 to 2015, in more than 20 tournaments. Internationally only 1, and it was in November 2015 at the Ultimate Pan American Games in Cancun, Mexico.

What is required to practice this sport? Exercises, good nutrition? Confidence? To practice this sport or any other, it requires attitude, discipline, determination, perseverance and a warrior’s heart. You also have to stay hydrated and eat healthy.

What is the best part of practicing this sport? The best part is doing it as a team. We support each other, we take care of ourselves, we know that we are a family.

Which has been the most difficult tournament for you? The most difficult tournament for me was the Ultimate Pan American Games in Cancun, because I came from a knee injury and I was pressured as an athlete because I had to be in my best physical shape for my Pink Panther Ultimate Club team and my country, but I had to have the mental strength to play with pain and overcome that no matter what.

What are your short and long-term goals? In the short term, recover from knee injury. In the long term, try to turn my weaknesses into strengths and give my best for my team Pink Panther Ultimate Club.

Do you belong to any ultimate frisbee community or team? I have been a member of the Pink Panther Ultimate Club team since it was founded in 2010.

Have you stood out within your community and received any recognition for it? If they have been several times, mention them all.

Most Valuable Player, Triangular Friendly Tournament 2012

Most Valuable Player, Ultimate Women’s Tournament UF 2013

Most Valuable Player, National Ultimate Championship 2013

Most Valuable Player, Assisting Leader and Defense Leader, 2014 Ultimate Season

Who motivates/inspires you to practice this sport? I am inspired by Shu Wei and Carlos Gross, who are my mentors in this sport. They invited me to play ultimate and belong to this great family. What they have achieved as athletes, motivates me.

Who are your favorite Ultimate players locally and internationally? Locally in the Dominican Republic, Eduardo Bello, the brothers Rafael and Luis Perez and Kenji Kasahara. Internationally, Robyn Wiseman.

How do you see this sport in some years in the Dominican Republic? In some years, I see this sport being practiced in every province in the country. I also see the community growing and representing the country in every event worldwide.

How do you see the new generation that is integrating the community? The new generation is integrating with a great desire to grow and give their best in this sport.

What recommendation would you give to people who want to start this sport (men, women and children)? I would recommend anybody to start practicing this sport, because it is a team sport with a lot of adrenaline. It is also a sport that helps you grow as a human being and become a better athlete.

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