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MEET: Miguel Cabreja – Longboarder
Freeride Longboarding

MEET: Miguel Cabreja – Longboarder 

Distinguished by an unmatched style, a lot of grace on the board, always carrying a great smile, and a classic “YEAHHH” of approval!

Written by: Pam Diaz

Miguel Cabreja is one of the main pioneers of the longboarding scene in the Dominican Republic. Who knows about the longboard scene in Dominican Republic, knows who Miguel is. For years he has dedicated himself to the practice of this sport and to passing on his knowledge to his friends and acquaintances interested in learning. Unconditionally, Miguel is there to give his “Barba Tips” (Beard Tips) which has served the community well!

It is time for everyone to know more about Miguel, because he represents Dominican Republic through very important international brands in the world of downhill longboarding and his initiatives have developed a very special crew in Dominican Republic.

Who are you and where are you from? My name is Miguel Arturo Cabreja Schery. I was born in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and I am 27 years old.

What is “Longboarding?” Longboarding is an extreme sport that is practiced on a board that varies in size depending on its modality. Among these modalities are Downhill, Freeride and Cruising … Generally it is practiced on slopes. And for me, it’s my passion!

How did you find out about this sport? From my friend Richy (Ricardo Guillen), who motivated me to buy my first board and together we entered the world of longboarding.

When did longboarding start in the Dominican Republic? Well, there were actually people who were already cruising, but there was no scene formed where people could congregate in specific spots. Richy and I created the group “Quisqueyanos del Patio.” Not only we are a united group, but we are nailing it… Yeahhh!!!!

For how long have you been practicing it? Approximately 5 years … and counting.

After all this time, what motivates you to continue practicing? Seeing how the scene, which did not exist, has grown and it is still increasing.

How many students have you had? I do not have a specific number. But one of my first  students was Pam Diaz, who later on converted into an international professional longboarder. I couldn’t be more proud of her!

Do you have sponsors? Yes! Abec 11 Wheels, Jet Skateboards, Liquid Trucks and Holesom Pucks.

What is the most important thing when being on a board? Make sure to always check your gear, helmet and never ride alone.

When is learning over? Never! Every day you learn something new, especially because every spot is different.

Why do you call yourself “The Boss?” Because I consider myself “El Papaupa de la Lomita” (The Hill’s Father)!

In the Dominican Republic, is this sport popular? It is not very popular, but through events, videos, photos, etc. we are making it more visible every day.

What is the best thing that longboarding has given you? To know my country in a different way.

Five things on your mind when going down a hill:

– Will there be a car in the corner ??
– Will these trucks get loose ???
– Shitttttt, I’m going too FASTTTT
– Yiiiiihhh!!
– Abec 11!!

A message to those who want to start practicing this sport is… Always wear a helmet, never ride alone, always check around for greater safety and, above all, have fun!!!

To follow Miguel’s adventures closely, follow him on Instagram: @miguelcabreja

VIDEO: Raw Run – Miguel Cabreja at La Antena – Freeride

Photos courtesy of: Michael Alfuso, Catherine Goico, Daniel De La Cruz, Pamela Diaz, Juan Carlos Paulino

Images: External Sources

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