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MEET: Rossana Briceño – BMX Rider

MEET: Rossana Briceño – BMX Rider 

Rossana Briceño proofs girls are strong and can be good at any sport!

Name: Rossana Briceño

Place of Birth: Venezuela – Barquisimeto, Lara State

Birthday: October 25

When did you start riding bikes? When I was 5 years old.

What motivated you to practice this sport? I went to a competition with my dad just to watch and it caught my attention. My dad also practices this sport.

What was your first competition? A valid one in the state of Miranda in Venezuela, where the exit ramp was very large and I remember that I did not want to and was crying a lot so they had to let me come out from the middle of the ramp. 

In how many competitions have you participated in at a national level? And international level? At a national level I really cannot say a specific number, it has been so many years that I already lost the count. Internationally, I have participated in 12 races (Global, Latin American, Pan American).

Why do you like to ride? What makes you feel? I like it for being outdoors, the speed, the adrenaline in the jumps and the physical demand it requires. I like to feel the control of the bike in every obstacle and the sound of the tires in the curves for the speed.

What conditions must be met to practice this sport? This sport can be practiced by anyone, you just have to feel like it. Improvements will come from the desire.

What is the best part of practicing this sport? Staying active, fit and being able to meet different people and tracks. Traveling and so on.

What has been the most difficult competition for you? So far, none. Now, there was this one competition in the National Games of Venezuela, where this competitor and I where pretty tight to win first place, but in the last curve I managed to take advantage and won.

What are your short and long term goals? In the short term, keep competing in local competitions, and in the long term compete in the Olympics.

What do you like most about teaching bicicross? Without a doubt, it is being able to teach something that I started at their same age. And appreciate how much they love it, just like I do even 15 years later.

Who motivates and inspires you to practice this sport? I have always had the unconditional support of my family and friends, but overall seeing how my father and mother support me when there is a competition, is priceless.

Who is your favorite international BMX rider? Sam Willoughby

Which are your favorite tracks locally and internationally? I currently live in the Dominican Republic, therefore locally I like the one at the Olympic Center. And internationally, I consider that they are all very good, especially the ones in Venezuela -where I am from.

How do you see BMX in some years in the Dominican Republic? How do you see the new Dominican generation that is integrating? There is a lot of potential and you can actually notice it right now. The sport is being taken seriously and that will keep reflecting as time goes by, especially if more tracks are created and more events keep taking place.

What recommendation would you give to people who want to start this sport (men, women and children)? Where should they attend and who could they contact?

Men: Don’t think it twice! This sport is very cool!

Women: Do not think that this sport is only for men, women can nail it too! Never feel shy to start or do anything you feel like doing. We all have the right do as we please!

Children: Starting a sport from a young age offers a very good opportunity to increase discipline and develop the body and mind. Therefore, this is the perfect timing for you to try it!

If you want to practice this sport, the track at the Olympic Center is always open for it. There, in thee main Information Wall, you can find all the info you need.

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