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Swimmer Marcos Diaz Talks about Sport Entrepreneurship
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Swimmer Marcos Diaz Talks about Sport Entrepreneurship 

“Pathological fear is not healthy. But natural fear is inevitable and important. It makes us listen and analyze the situation.”

The 2nd Fair for Entrepreneurs was held in the Plaza de Acropolis on November 14th, in Santo Domingo. During this Fair, many young entrepreneurs presented their projects and various talks were given with the aim of enriching their knowledge, being the talk by the professional and Dominican ultra-distance swimmer Marcos Diaz, “Entrepreneurship in the Sports Area”, one of the most impressive and remarkable, thanks to his great career, passion and achievements.

Diaz began by talking about the importance of setting personal goals with the intention of achieving them while ignoring any type of negativity. From an early age he suffered from asthma, which is a barrier for many swimmers to scale within this sport, but after achieving his goals, he simply HAS BEEN THE ONLY ONE TO UNITE ALL THE CONTINENTS SWIMMING. He highlighted that many times people think the journey of those who succeeded were simple, and that is why it is important for successful people to share their journey from the beginning to promote their effort and inspire others who want to meet their goals. “There is always a story behind success that the media does not show, but that does not mean that person did not fight,” he stressed.

He continued by talking about the relevance of being RESPONSIBLE and taking the job SERIOUSLY, so that one can get support beyond home and friends.

“If you want to be the best, you have to train like the best and this person you consider the best can even help you out. Those that are above enjoy helping the ones that are below. So never be afraid to approach them. Many years ago, an American swimmer would always beat me. One day, I approached  him to congratulate him and took the opportunity to ask him ‘How do you manage to win over me?’ And he just smiled and shared important keys with me,” He said.

He also spoke about success. He stressed that each failure leads to success and that each unsuccessful attempt simply leads you to get closer to it and that one must know the environment and get some self motivation in order to succeed , since success in short is simply PREPARATION.

Finally, he spoke about important things such as perseverance, humility and teamwork. Because as a team, BIG THINGS are accomplished. During the question session, a student asked him, “Marcos, aren’t you afraid to swim in the sea? Aren’t you afraid of what might happen to you? ” And he simply replied, “Fear is my best friend. Fear is necessary. Fear makes us listen, analyze the situation and learn to avoid doing things wrong on certain occasions. Now pathological fear is not healthy. But natural fear is inevitable and important.”

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