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The Athletic March: An Excellent Discipline

The Athletic March: An Excellent Discipline 

Discover what makes Athletic March a great sport.

If running is difficult for you, either because of your physical condition or for another reason, fast walking is a good option. It involves walking quickly. 

When you march, you put your foot from your heel, shifting your body weight to your legs, which are straight at the knees. It is important to keep in mind that at least one of your feet should be in contact with the ground at all times. 

Athletic walking is one of the first to be practiced although it is still unknown among the different disciplines of athletics. The first time Race Walking appeared on a world level was at the 1906 Athens Intercontinental Games, an “Olympic Games” not recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

This is not the same as running, where athletes can take off both feet from the ground at the same time, nor is it the same as street walking, where you cannot jog or march.

This technique prevents the overloading of the joints, which avoids the most frequent contusions when running and is very good for losing weight.

Here is a short video about Athletic March:

Written by: Corre40minutos

Images: Andrea Piacquadio/ Pexels

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