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The History of Longboard in the Dominican Republic
Downhill Longboarding

The History of Longboard in the Dominican Republic 

How much do you know about Longboarding in this beautiful Caribbean country? Here we share some facts.

Street longboarding is a sport that has been increasing in recent years in the Dominican Republic. In 2010, Ry Arturo Gi and Miguel Cabreja started after skating for the first time in the streets of Arroyo Hondo in the city of Santo Domingo.

Today, the professional level of many Dominican runners is very high, giving as a positive consequence the constant search for new hills to continue evolving the practice of the sport.

The downhill is the modality “Racing” and freeride is the modality “Tricks”, these are the two modalities preferred by the Dominicans. They have been able to compete at an international level In a short time. We have as an example the following: 

Pam Diaz “Racing & Tricks”, is a girl who loves the coast, she competes in the most important events in the United States, managing to reach several podiums successfully.

Giancarlo Di Vanna “Racing & Trucos”, participated in the most important tour in Europe for more than a month, traveling and competing in different countries, as well as in the United States.

Cesar Pucheu “Racing”, Wilbert Cabas “Racing & Trucos”, Catherine Goico “Racing & Trucos” and Jonathan A. Delmonte “Racing”, participated in several international events in Puerto Rico.

Carla Javier “Racing & Trucos”, competes in the United States for a very important team.  Miguel Cabreja “Racing & Trucos”, better known as the Freeride machine, has a unique style sliding on his board as if he were on ice and is also part of an international team.  Several of these riders have sponsors of prestigious brands.

Every year in the Dominican Republican international downhill event is celebrated, “La Lomota Downhill”, were very important riders within the longboard world, both national and international, attend to meet in a track of very high technical level and acceleration, located in La Lomota, Navarrete, RD. 

The track has 19 turns and + 47 MPH, being an attraction for racing riders. The event has music, bathrooms, fire, camping areas, and lots of fun. #LaLomotaDH.

At the same time, in the Dominican Republic, there are longboard projects, within these “Hill Hunting RD” that was born with the main objective of finding the best roads and landscapes in the Dominican Republic for the practice of this sport. #HillHuntingRD.

Videos of national longboarders:

Cesar Pucheu @Loma Alta, Cabrera. #HillHuntingRD
Giancarlo Di Vanna @La Lomota, Navarrete. #HillHuntingRD
Sk8 Trip To La Antena

Video EyeFilm

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