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Video: Paragliding in Africa by Dorlodot and Llorens

Video: Paragliding in Africa by Dorlodot and Llorens 

Where in Africa you should go for Paragliding?

Tom de Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens are on an expedition to discover new places to practice paragliding in Africa. During this expedition they have managed to carry out incredible paragliding and paramotor flights.

Here is one of their videos:

About Thomas de Dorlodot: Tom is a professional paraglider and paramotoring pilot. He is also the leader of the Search Projects crew. His goal is to seek out new and amazing places to fly. From Morocco to Madagascar, Pakistan to Polynesia and Tahiti to Tanzania, his quest is to venture to those places a little further off the map and share those experiences with epic films and photography.

About Horacio Llorens: Horacio is a Spanish paraglider and an aerial legend – a five-time world champion. He always pushes himself to the limit. In 2012, Horacio smashed the world record for infinity tumbling – achieving 568 revolutions after jumping from a helicopter at 19,700ft (6,000m) above the Mayan ruins of Takalik Abaj in Guatemala and experiencing up to 6G with each rotation.

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