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Vaulting: the Sport that Combines Artistic Gymnastics with Horse Riding
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Vaulting: the Sport that Combines Artistic Gymnastics with Horse Riding 

Here we tell you all about this attractive sport on horseback.

Equestrian Vaulting, a sport that has taken off in recent years, is characterized by the mixture of gymnastics and artistic exercises, with horse riding. To learn more about this activity, Trainer Agustín Tognoli tells us a bit about it -from Haras Lechuzas Pico Dorado in Funes.

At the beginning of the talk, Tognoli revealed the characteristics of the sport: “Vaulting (or Volteo in Spanish) is a team discipline, with a valuable socializing sense. It is an equestrian specialty of high performance or recreational, it is mixed for children, adolescents, and young people. It is ideal to enjoy during your free time. It is a mix between gymnastics and artistic exercises on a horse galloping in a circle, in this way it is the way to start in the equestrian sport since it gives the children the necessary elements to develop an excellent sportsman and future rider. Only one animal per group is used.”

In Funes’ property, equine therapy is also practiced and Trainer Tognoli explained its advantages: “From the Haras, we propose recreational activities on horseback, a moment of enjoyment and learning of this sports activity, in which one discovers tools that allow one to feel, think, and do in order to finally be. Trying to restore harmony and health in each of the practitioners”.

The equestrian activities, grow in the interest of the general public and are developed year after year. The sport invites to improve the quality of life and to dream with a future, inside the equitation.

Written by: Pablo Martinez/ Conculusion.AR

Images: External Sources

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