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Women’s Volleyball: ‘A Diamond in the Rough’ to be Exploited in Latin America

Women’s Volleyball: ‘A Diamond in the Rough’ to be Exploited in Latin America 

How much do you know about the women’s volleyball scene in Latin America? Find out how players born in this part of the world have shown potential.

Brazil is an example of this, at a Latin American level, is the one that mainly takes the baton and sticks up for the female Volleyball. It is where it is most developed and practiced in the region and at the world level, is one of the most powerful countries.

Top Players

Angela Leyva

According to Panamerican World, the volleyball player was born in Peru on November 22, 1996. She plays as a point guard and belongs to the Peruvian National Women’s Volleyball Team, and was a key player in the 2012 South American Junior Championship to win the gold medal for Peru after almost 30 years.

Maria Jose Perez

The 30-year-old Venezuelan has been characterized as one of the country’s most outstanding players. According to an article in, Pérez was key to Venezuela’s silver medal in the 2013 Bolivarian Games, in addition to being nominated as the best scorer.

Great figures

Regla Torres

This Cuban is considered one of the glories of world volleyball. According to Ecured, she won the gold medal in the Olympic Games three times, and in multiple competitions, she was awarded the golden medal, which makes her the most outstanding athlete of the 20th century.

Her retirement came prematurely at the age of 27, due to a knee injury, however, she did not retire completely from the courts and currently serves as a coach.

Yudelkis Bautista

On October 22nd, Yudelkis Bautista, who served for 13 years as a blocker for the Dominican Republic National Team, was inducted into the Dominican Republic’s Hall of Fame. In multiple opportunities, as described on the website of the Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean Volleyball (NORCECA), she was nominated as the most valuable player, and some consider her the best player in Dominican history.

In addition to Brazil, Peru, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, and Argentina are countries that have great potential and do their best to exploit volleyball and thus open a gap between the best teams in the world. There are various competitions where they put themselves to the test and demonstrate what they are made of and the strength that each of the countries possesses in this sport.

Written by: Daniela Escalante

Source: LatinAmerican Post

Image: Volleyball Player Angela Leyva by FIVB

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